How to Speed up your Windows 7 PC

Speed up your slow PC

If you are in trouble with the slow performance of your Windows 7 PC and thinking of moving back to Windows XP. This post is just for you I am not going to suggest any hardware change nor I am recommending any software which will dramatically improve performance of your PC. But I am giving a work around which is provided by windows itself to add extra RAM in your PC without actually opening up your PC. Performance as a measure is different from person to person. I want to brief how I adjudge performance. I judge the performance of my PC with below mentioned parameters:-

When to consider PC is Slow:-

A. The wait interval between me clicking a folder and it showing its content should be anyhow less than half a second. If it is more than that my PC is slow.

B. If I open a page and it is getting opened in 5-10 Seconds on a Wireless Broadband connection whole day my PC is slow .

C. If I open a Music player and I am working on an excel a doc file and a PPT,  copy pasting is taking more than 3 seconds my PC is slow.

D. If Opening a USB drive of 8 GB is taking more than 5 Seconds my PC is slow.

Note:- All above factors are considered when my Documents is not loaded and my desktop is with say 10-15 Icons. I have my Disk fragmented and all other external factors are not considered. The Hard drive is only 25% Full, no software or hardware issues are considered.

So these are the factors on which I adjudge my PC is slow now I did all the as usual stuff like clearing cache history and did the disk fragmentation have a decent hardware configuration. Supportive hardware and Softwares.

When all the above factors and conditions are considered along with the known remedial action what is the other way out. Your 4-32 GB USB Pen drive will come to rescue. First take the backup of your pen drive in your PC and Format it. Post formatting right-click the USB drive and click on properties.

Under properties one tab is there which says Rapid Boost under rapid boost click on use this device, decide the number memory your need for adding up the RAM. The rapid boost significantly enhance the performance of a PC and is really considered a stat of the art option in Windows 7. Below is screen shot for ready reference.


Rapid Boost

Click on  use this device  and press Apply and Ok buttons, your PC will do like a power boosted rocket. Now I have few recommendations in using this option:-


1. Before powering off the PC please make sure you selected the Donot use this device and ejected it by right clicking. This will enhance life of your USB and saves you from future USB driver issues.

2. Don’t remove the device directly without  properly ejecting it is recommended for the software safety  of the USB and the PC.

3. Do take care of the sides if you are using it on laptops as the accidental pressure on your usb device may result in your issue with motherboard as USB slots are integrated into motherboard itself. This is recommended because the USB Slot will be occupied and will be popping out from sides of your laptop and while movements you may hit the USB drive accidentally.

4. Never put data in the USB when you are using it as a RAM.

So these are the recommendations or rather say precautions while using USB pen drive as a RAM. How is your way to enhance performance of your PC do let us know with your comments below. If you want the latest similar tech updates do connect to my blog your very own Tele-Columnist!. If you liked this post do share it with your friends on Facebook.

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Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:-

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Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:-

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