Recipe of Right Keyword Density

Recipe of Right Keyword Density

Right keyword density is the question which is asked by Webmasters and even SEO experts at various forums. And people are keep looking for the right keyword density across for the love of Search Engines. And I even at the start of my blogging career kept looking for formula which can keep my posts at the top of every search results. With the experience and time it is soon understood that the formula has a recipe with in it. And I am hereby presenting the recipe of right keyword density of the post. In the below video Matt Cutts from Google even says that keywords should appear naturally.

And if you are focusing Keyword Density you are risking Experience of customers which is another SEO factor. And if experience is not upto the mark the Search Engine is not going to put your page in the search. The recipe of right keyword density is to make sure your keyword do comes in the content of the page. But its presence should be felt important in the eyes of visitors as well as the search engine. And if the keywords are just mentioned for the sake of increasing keyword density will be visible in the eyes of Search Engine and your visitors. Enhance the customer experience by sticking to the point and to stay relevant with  the idea of the post and to mention keywords in such a natural way which doesn’t seem artificial and intriguing within the content of the page.

Actually Google and the Visitors are now worried about what you are writing inside the page in place of SEO/Keyword Density and your outer design of the website. If you have a great content with no keywords I assure you will still be in top of the search pages. If you ask me how to keep keywords minimal and deliver great content you should stitch the content idea in such a way that keywords are present. But the presence should not be interrupting but should seams like a part of the idea.



I recommend to keep no keyword in an article which you feel is the best possible article and look at the page ranking it appears with in the search results. Deliver a similar subject content with a single keyword and check the page rank again. After few days of looking at the movement of ranking in the search page for both the pages. Now create another content with keyword repeated twice the core subject should stay the same. And check the three again for few days. You have already created three posts on a particular subject now the next part of the test would be on another subject. Build another subject with similar Search Competition and build keyword thrice. Look at it how your page is performing, now build another article with keyword put in four times and five times. Now look at all the six articles with keywords repeated none-once-twice-thrice-four -five times. But make sure the content which you are delivering should have appear with a keyword per 500 Words. Because a keyword as per my experience should appear once every 500 words. So now the size of the article will be in this way 500-500-1000-1500-2000-2500 with this you can understand the best combination you should move ahead with.

Now I recommend second scenario to test your articles side wise, in this test you are going to put in keywords every 300 Words and reproduce the test with same logic of six articles as I mentioned above.

Important Points:- The Search competition should be same as your test wont be in ideal situation and the search competition should be done via Google Adwords. Secondly always maintain the same pitch and the keywords should be distributed properly in the page. I am sure you will get the right combination of keyword density with the above said recipe. I am not going to give you the exact keyword density you have to find it for you blog on your own. It may be a case my niche of blog could have a different perfect keyword density as compared to other niche. Do let me know the outcome of the results  by your comments below. You can also drop in your results in my contact form. Looking ahead to hear from you…

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Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:-

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Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:-

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