Why You Need a Break from Online World

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We all know the importance of taking break from job and to how to rejuvenate yourself to be back on job with a ideas of fantastic performance. So you take break from your job and hence you are rejuvenated to get the best out of yourself as an employee. But there is one more place where you are engaged since many years and you need break from that as well. It is Online World I will tell you why you must break from your online world and to live a better and happier life online. But before that I want to know answer to the below two questions and you must ask these questions with yourself and the world to keep the new thinking alive, so back to question:-

1. How much time in a day you spend in Office?

2. How much time in a day you spend Online?

If the count of hours being online is equal to or more than the office hours, please read this post more carefully. Please note that count of hours you are online doesn’t mean that you are watching Facebook or checking status on Mobile is the only period online. I count hours in which your any of the device is connected to internet to any of the social sites or is downloading or uploading songs movies by itself will also be counted as your presence online. Which means that if you’re any of the device is connected to online world and is working for you is counted as the hour you are online. Now let us see what are the negative impacts of you being online:-

1. The electronic device has a life of at least 3 years but they are getting burnout or being corrupted or being sold within 6 months. The only reasons behind this is you are involved on your electronic gadget which is required to help you in your difficult task has become an addiction for you and you cannot imagine life without it.

2. The people are getting more closer to the friends online and getting away from Blood relations, I am not saying the importance of good friends is lesser than blood relations. But have you ever thought that for this virtual friendship you are putting in risk your relationship with spouse, kids, parents, brothers and sister. Is it really worth that important and at most what will happen if you miss a birthdate of your online friend. He might not chat with you for a day or two but what about when you forget life events of those people who are sitting just next to you. Think about it…

3. Liking something you dislike in real world develop a habit of accepting and surrendering to those things which you would have never accepted. Think in this way if you are working on a project of building a device on solar  power generator for a very important clients and one of your team member is pushing in battery source or a provision of electricity in it. Your reaction will be to scrap his idea as you want the device as per the clients wish not someone else’s desire. So here in online world by pushing like to something you dislike is like asking the client to let you design the hydropower generation plant in place of solar plant. Don’t let others idea fall upon ask the question why many of your and others trouble will be solved with this question. You are a single person with a single brain and a thought process no one will ask you why you never said like to his post.

There are many more troubles which are more and severe as the ones I mentioned above and you are more aware of this danger. So you know the danger now I will tell you how you can get rid of being stuck with online world:-

1. Read Books:- Reading books not only developes logical thinking it is well said by an old author that “Books are the Men’s best friends” Befriend some of the books. They will never let you down, if you want few suggestions on books you can read my book review section of Blog.

2. Old Hobbies:- Rebuilt your old hobbies of gardening or making new devices with scraps and some hobby which you loved. Even painting or trekking is a nice hobby, go out and play your favorite game it is a nice feeling.

3. Learn to power off:- Your device comes with a power button and is made to power off when not required so learn to power off the device when you are sleeping or are doing some offline work. This will increase your focus and hence improve performance in your work and attention towards your family members.

4. Have a chat with people who love you:- Speak to those who love you spend some time go to a tourist place away from the online world. Spend some quality time with kids <1 Year their activities will rejuvenate you and help you get back to work more enthusiasm.

I am not going to tell you further what else you can do because you know better than me what you have to do after reading this post. Go out and see how god has built this world with so much efforts and you are missing important events. Take a stroll in the park and get your self drenched in rain, it is no harm in being kid for a while. Share with us how you spent your day after reading this article. If you want to connect and discuss with me more on this topic you can catch up with me on my Email Id mohit[at]telecolumnist.com also you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook or circle me on Google Plus. I will be really happy to read your new ideas to be presented on this Blog and will acknowledge you with the mention in my post.

Have a Great Day and Great Time with People you Love, Cheers and Good Luck. 🙂


Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:- mohit@telecolumnist.com.

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Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:- mohit@telecolumnist.com.

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