7 Ways to Earn from Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail Marketing is the form of marketing which can turn the table for you and your website and can also make your website go banned for spamming. In this form of marketing the biggest advantage is your message is stored in the inbox of the user or the target audience so when he is going to open up the inbox your message is still waiting for him. Thus the chances of making people visit your website is highest as compared to any other mode of advertising. The tendency of email users are to either mark every mail as read or to delete them and clean up the inbox. So it is a make and break situation for your message the best ways to make reader go through your email message which can make him visit your website. Because whoever is checking his inbox his first eye will reach on the inbox and if the subject is pulling he will have a greater tendency to open up the mail and check. It should not look spammy but be attractive enough to make people open the mail. Your message shouldnot look like a shout of election campaigner politician but a personal discussion between two people of similar interest.

When we plan to make our content be marketed online we can think about Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. But in this whole hustle we are actually forgetting the best and the most popular way of its time Email Marketing. It ensures that people are actually reading your article and makes them subscribe to Email or all social sites together. That is not it there are many a options available online like awebar and Mailchimp which gives a better view of the performance of campaigns in between the list of the users. And the best about this mode of campaign is that you are getting 100% attention of the reader without any distraction. And hence brighter chances of people actually visiting your site.

Email List Vs Twitter Followers Vs Facebook Fans

Email list readers are those who had keyed in there email id to subscribe to your newsletter and thus there attachment to your website and you is more as compared to any other followers or fans. Because followers are fans have to just push a like or a follow button but email subscriber has to key in the email id as well as many a times prove themselves as human. Now if you have the list of people who are interested in stuff you write so the chances of them actually making your email as spam is also higher. So it is a both way extreme situation, attention is the key to success in Email marketing and below are some more tips to sharpen Email marketing skills:-

Robert Collier ones points out:

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Success Tips for Email Marketing:-

1. Thrilling Style

Thrilling style mailers are those which are a remix of making readers thrilled and are usually thus read and followed for this feel. It is a thriller with a pitch of own branding this makes readers stick to the content and give happy run for the webmasters to banks. This genre is more effective with younger audience and is thus popularized by fashion experts or clothing merchant sites.

2. Reporting Style

This one of the most popular style of Email marketers to make people be pulled towards the news which attracts and is popular. This style is used by huffingtonpost and mashable websites which makes people wait for the Emails to get daily dose of interesting news and deep insights of the events.

3. Discounting Style

This style of email newsletter service offer readers a daily, weekly and monthly discount coupons for the products and services they use. And these newsletter are heavily subscribed as people are more interested to get the discount coupons and due to this they get hooked up with the contents of the website. This way webmaster is getting good affiliate money and sponsors are getting more and more customers.

3. Product and Service Review Style

The email newsletter is subscribed the users to know the latest reviews and views on the product and services of a particular niche. Like if you have a technology review site your newsletter must be appealing to the readers to read the latest reviews of the most recent products and services launched in tech domain.

5. Guide Form

This format is used by the financial websites as they promote themselves for the investor guides and in these newsletter it is an attraction to those who want to make investments in stock markets or BFC or NBFC organizations or real estate. And want to know what are the tips and tricks for success in investment.

6. Localized Content Style

If your website is target at local content of a particular city then you must use this format via this the website owner earns through making paid reviews for the latest happenings of the town. Or the prominent place of interest also if your focus is on the art culture and fashion of a city this way of newletter is successful. This not only brings wider audience of a city and at times they organize get together via this newsletter only and community formulates. This newsletter keeps people hooked to your website for finding out the city and places of interest. And is successfully employed by Perez Hilton a prominent website on fashion and style magnate which cover social life of newyork city.

7. Niche Content Style

If your website is meant for the young women entrepreneurs or the single parents you should use this style of email marketing to make people who are from this niche or want to know the solution to troubles of this set of readers. This is a niche segment so the content and the delivery should be specialized and should be taken care as the niche segment is connected to your email list because of your special treatment and they should feel special reading your letter.

So you have many options to select from the way you want to talk with your audience. All of them are specialized and are tested with different popular websites of various niches.

What is your Style of Email Marketing?

Let us know with your comments below…



Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:- mohit@telecolumnist.com.

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About Mohit Mathur


Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:- mohit@telecolumnist.com.

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