7 Best Ways to Rock your WordPress Blog

Rock WordPress BlogWordPress Blog is not a website standing alone in the crowd of many a look alikes, but it is a community which is constantly learning and sharing knowledge with each others. So when you are writing in your WordPress blog you are not doing good to yourself but also good for WordPress community as well. Which are looking at you for the latest happening in your mind and a new sharing of your long experience of life and technology. Now in this article we will try to learn new things and unlearn those old things which are now non-existent and such practices should not be followed. With this article hope you have a new look at the website you own. It has a name of WordPress along with and thus it becomes important that you are not supposed to prove your name but also the name of the WordPress as a community. So the quality content, SEO, social marketing, Offline and Online Marketing and Forum & Guest posting is the only a smaller part of a bigger effort which you should put in your website. These all things will become immaterial if you are not here to share your ideas of life but for earning. So being immaterial is the good thing about wordpress.com sites as authors are not here to fight and push each other in the rat race 0f being at the top of the Google Page ranking. But they are here to share their views and experience towards life. No without any further discussion we are going to jump upon the 7 Best Ways which can Rock your WordPress Blog-

1. Being Proactive

As a WordPress blogger you are expected to react to good and bad things of world around you. And hence if you are not reacting to these things you are not justifying being a blogger. Catching up with the latest happenings and going to happen events is the way you are making community around you aware. This awareness makes more and more people connect with you and this connection makes your responsibility bigger.

2. Objectives

The day you become a WordPress Blogger you should have a mindset clear that what are your Objectives and what you want to meet through this Blog. Few need money and fame and few wants to share the knowledge they have with the world. But my perspective is different I want to make sure that the way I fought in finding information for me and enriching experience of my readers. My new perspective blogger friends need not to thus I am sharing the knowledge which ever I have and thus doing my bit to share the things which i learned with the hard work to others so their way becomes a bit easier.

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3. First In First Out- Placing first things first

When you are goals are clear and you are proactive enough to build story with latest happenings around you. Now the next task in hand is to place first things first which means writing a course of action and thus moving according to it. Set priorities right and hence you develop the course of action which your whole online world rotates and success and failure depends on this. Like I enlisted these priorities for setting up blog:-

  • The look and feel of the website should match your content and writing style.
  • The content should be managed and you should have a stock of atleast hundred posting ideas to start with so you never fall prey to Writer’ block.
  • Time management is the key and learn this skill to manage time better and hence work so.
  • Being Patient is the only way for the success so learn this technique.

These are the few of the ways I will do to make my blog running we are not going in detail as they could be covered in some other post.

4. You Win I Win, We all Win

Opening a WordPress blog has a basic need of being a giver, a giver of experience, a giver of ideas, a giver of analysis and the shortcut trips and tricks. If you make people win they will help you win and if you both are a winner the community will win. Contribute and connect with the people and build winners slowly you will become winner of your own.

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5. Convince yourself before you convince others

You are doing a tutorial on an app and you just copied from somewhere and pasted it in your website this is a wrong approach rather you should try to use it yourself and develop your own experience and if you feel convinced with the usage of that app. Explain others why they should use the app and by this you will see a huge change the way you present the article. Feel the reviewed product yourself and then as per the importance of it in life contribute to the community with your own experience.

6. Synchronizing Efforts

Command and conquer was the game we must have played in our childhood but have you seen what are those things which these computer and video games use to teach us. Combine the competencies and the hard work of different people and mix and match to give the solution for every one. This is called synchronizing the efforts and delivering best results, this means that every thing on your online effort is not meant for you. But you can collate the ability of every end of the online world and thus bring the best on your website.

7. Putting Effort in Right Direction

When you are aware of the core competency within you and are also aware of what people are reading on the web this will lead you to decide where to put in the effort to extract the best results for you and your Blog. Now the right direction can be known only by reading the path of the people who are getting the best in making small efforts. So you know what is the right direction to do the best output and this is possible when you are aware of the surrounding. Read as much as you can extract the best results from these efforts.

Now you got the best 7 ways to make the best of your online effort and hence grab right path of success. This is how you are going to build achievements for your blog for others to follow. Now I am looking for you to share your thoughts on the subject.



Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:- mohit@telecolumnist.com.

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Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:- mohit@telecolumnist.com.

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