How to develop a Super Seller Story

A story built online is itself a book which can get published republished and packaged again and again by the author himself or other fellow online writers. When a blogger is on his website writing his mind out he must always remain focused to what he wants to showcase to world. In place many a times it happens blogger ends up writing for his own and none heeds to listen to him. I always think when I am writing for my readers I let my story connect to them. Rather reader should live the story and hence when I write a post it happens that I end up writing more and more on a topic.

Coming back to the creative edition of the story in hand story telling is like keeping bigger blocks on smaller blocks and it becomes more and more difficult to keep bigger and bigger blocks because it many a times results in falling of the block at a height. Hence forth the story (some say topic) be so designed with a thread passing through it becomes difficult for the blocks to even move rather falling. Hence first thing in hand is well-connected post is important for a super seller story.

As I have said in introduction story content online gets republished like a book. Hence forth only thing which makes difference in between all the stories is representation so if you see Google and search for a topic say Google Page Ranking Factors. Resulting link is at the top and when you type in Google Factors of Page Ranking someone else will be at the top. It means that representation of the story is equally important as story since same subject when searched online delivered two different results. This is our second take away from this discussion.

Now when we look at web hundreds of companies are throwing thousands of content online and when you are a renowned author you can deliver age-old content  in a way thousands of feed reader are ready to pay hundreds of thousands for your blog post. Hence forth the question reappears how to write a super seller story which makes direct impact on the mind of the audience. Let’s compare ourselves with News channels, all of them are delivering same content together i.e. Breaking News but only thing different is way of delivering it. And yes this difference leads to rise of super seller author and highly paid news anchor from rest of the class. Which means that story is important in building a super blogger but it is the blogger himself and his ideas of delivering content which makes the difference.

How to write super seller story without being stereotyped?

Step 1: Find your Target Audience first before writing a post, which means author should know ins and outs of the reader. Therefore it becomes very easy to connect with your readers when you know how and what he thinks and how you can grab his attention towards your post away from online world.

Step 2: Know why your reader should read you?

When many other bloggers writing similar content as you are with same set of readers in mind. It is important to know why should reader read your story in place of others. This will make difference in the story telling technique and hence the direction all together will be different.

Step 3: What is the requirement of the reader?

This is quiet a tricky question but it only requires constant research which leads a blogger to right target audience in right discussion at right time. Till the time is not available blogger should have to keep diving and exploring through the web about the topic which he has delivered and which requires audience identification.

Step 4: Build a connect called you

Story telling is not only about some writer writing and delivering the content which straight away becomes successful. No it is not that simple until and unless you deliver a personal touch in the post it becomes difficult to grab constant attention of a reader. This flavor in your dish plate called story comes over the time when you start understanding the point at which reader may hook down. And before that instance you writing something with a personal touch and reader keeps going through your blog post. And you are through because you are able to deliver the content which made reader to read through in a single go and he keeps visiting again and again for your personal touch.

Now here I leave question just for you:-

What’s your way of writing a super seller story?

Which stories do you really admire always and why?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:-

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Mohit Mathur is a Techno-Management Blogger holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and an MBA in Finance. Writing blogs on Telecom, IT, Finance, Marketing. I believe in experimenting with Technological aspect of Management. Email:-

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