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5 WordPress Plugins to make best of your Blog

WordPress is the only leading CMS in terms of the people who are hoping on to it to share thoughts with the world. WordPress has also evolved from to and from controlled environment of Publication to a open

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7 Best Ways to Rock your WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog is not a website standing alone in the crowd of many a look alikes, but it is a community which is constantly learning and sharing knowledge with each others. So when you are writing in your WordPress blog

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5 Slip Ups of WordPress Setup

You must have set up your WordPress site with every efficient resource available online and offline. Now this article is going to tell what those 5 things were which you could have avoided to do. It is not to lower

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Web Hosting: Linux Vs Windows Hosting

Webhosting has the two ways to get yourself a hosting, Linux and Windows Web Hosting. Linux has the benefit of being free in support a huge community of experts are behind it to give you support to troubleshoot troubles. Free

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Why is it required to use Limit Login Plugin for Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Limit Login attempts plugin is a fantastic plugin and is a like a life saver for many bloggers. This plugin security tools could be used at the best usage and the GUI is just simple. I with this post want

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How this blog has changed

Today the blog has changed first time since its advent about 2+ years back. But important is it is not going to change its voice. I am not going anywhere but I have made the name of this Blog

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This is a very decent fight between two sisters one is a leader of hosting domains and other leaders of self-hosted domains.  Despite odds the biggest gap felt by webmasters against WordPress monetization. How to monitize blog in sites

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